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Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than a job well done. For us, that means that you, our client, had an unforgettable experience - one we hope that exceeded your wildest imagination.

Tell us about your AfricaTours experience

"Did AfricaTours understand our needs? Incredibly well! They didn't thrust their ideas at us, but gently and intelligently guided us with enormous creativity! A real gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"I just want to tell you what a wonderful, wonderful trip we had. Everything was perfect and you're the best!"

"Africa is a life-changing experience. We are you're best public relations!"

"Everything worked as planned; I have no doubt that I will return to Africa with AfricaTours."

"We had a fabulous trip, thanks for all your help - you did a fantastic job on a very complicated itinerary, we will refer you to all our friends!"

"AfricaTours was the best! Exceeded our expectations."

"Your recommendations made every aspect of the safari a trip of a lifetime."

"We put a lot of trust into your selection of places to stay and we happy we did, we have memories that cannot be replaced."

"Nickie was incredible as a person and in her knowledge, it was beyond our expectations."

"All elements of the trip were great!"

"Thank you for a "snag free" vacation! Simply Spectacular."

"It was spectacular in every way. Thanks for a memorable vacation."

"You are a magician. The trip was indescribable, a lifetime experience."

"I cannot adequately describe these two weeks of constant pleasure and comfort. I can only convey my admiration and heartfelt thanks."

"AfricaTours did a superb job with my trip. Hassle free."

"It was such a complicated trip I really expected something to go wrong - BUT not one thing, the most awesome trip ever."

"We were so pleased with our trip from start to finish - we look forward to using you again."

"The trip was great! We plan to return someday."

"It was the first vacation ever were all was taken care of, we were able to really relax."

"We can only tell you that our honeymoon was the most fantastic trip of our lives!"

"A truly remarkable, fabulous, wondrous, amazing, spectacular, outstanding, phenomenal, incredible experience."

"Many, many thanks for another spectacular trip! As usual everything went like clockwork."

"Were so happy to have you as our Africa Travel Expert."

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