Mauritius itineraries
Wondering when to go?

Mauritius is the answer to every island lover’s dream of the ultimate island paradise – miles of unspoiled beaches, fine silver sand, coconut groves fringing turquoise lagoons and an indigo sea.

Mauritius: a seduction of the senses

The Island of Paul & Virginie, despite its small size, also harbors a fascinating hinterland that will not fail to seduce he who wishes to push beyond its pristine beaches to probe deeper. Mauritius is in truth a garden of a thousand contrasts, heightened by a variety of microclimates.

An island of diversity and beauty

The north is on the whole sunny; the center and east is humid; the south is dry savannah land interspersed with tree groves. Most travelers visit Mauritius for its unrivalled lagoons and incomparable beaches.

But there is a pleasant surprise awaiting you. Every visitor very quickly becomes aware of the marked diversity of the population. Indians comprise just over 1 million of the population, Chinese shopkeepers and descendants of African and Malagasy slaves number about 300,000. Additionally, there are about 30,000 Chinese and about 8,000 whites of predominately French origin. It is one of the few countries in the world where people of different backgrounds live together in peace and harmony.

Summer: Oct – Mar
Humid from Dec – Apr but with constant sea breezes. Cyclones can occur between Nov and Apr.
Average Temperatures: 64/84
Winter: Jun – Sep
Dry, and warm.
Average Temperatures: 65/76